Our new classroom maps—just for you!

Different places around the world are known for some really cool things, and here’s some proof for you to hang in your classroom.

WorldStrides, the nation's leader in educational travel and experiences, has mapped out some fun, informational posters that will not only look great on your wall, but will get your students learning and talking too!

  • Endemic Animals – This world map shows off some endemic animals—species that are uniquely found in just one part of the world. How many of these animals do you think your students have heard of?
  • Innovation – Explore where many of the most monumental (and fundamental) inventions were created with this world map. How many of these inventions have your students used?
  • State Foods – The most delicious map you’ll ever see! See which US states are known for what foods. Did you know 34 states have “official” state foods—yum!

Request your classroom map today! Once requested, your map will be mailed to your school, and you should receive it in just a couple weeks.

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