When you refer new teachers to travel, you impact even more students’ lives. And yours, too!

  • Receive 15 Rewards Points for each valid referral you provide throughout the year
  • 50 Rewards Points for each of your referrals who promotes a travel program in their school
  • An additional 500 Rewards Points for each referral that travels with at least five full-paying travelers
  • A $1,500 WorldStrides Scholarship for your referral when they promote a trip in their school

Refer like a pro! 

Speak with each referral before passing their name along to us! It’s critical that your referrals know how much fun you’ve had on your trips.

  • Tell each referral how much you love traveling with WorldStrides
  • Convey how fun and inspiring your trips are for your students
  • Let them know how easy WorldStrides makes it to travel
  • And, be sure to let them know we’ll be reaching out to them

Select teachers that are passionate, energetic and well-liked by students (a lot like you)! 

To learn all about the WorldStrides Reward Progarm, visit www.worldstridesrewards.com.

Terms and Conditions apply. Click here for details. 
By completing this form, you acknowledge that you have received permission of the person whom you are referring to WorldStrides.