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Advice from Alumni: Taking PRIDE Abroad

No matter where you are in your personal journey, our alumni joined to share their experiences as LGBTQIA+ members abroad. Tune in to learn about how they chose their destination, the research they did before going abroad, and how they found community in their host country..


Advice from Alumni: Why Host Moms Rule

This Mother's Day we're celebrating our beloved host moms abroad! From sharing family meals to practicing the language, our alumni share how their host moms created a home away from home during their study abroad program. Find out why these recent travelers chose to live with a host family and why they wouldn’t trade their experience for anything.


Advice from Alumni: Know Before You Go

From phone plans and packing to class schedules and money (budgeting is your friend!), our alumni spill everything they wish they knew before going abroad. They'll share their tips and tricks for how you can plan ahead and what to expect when you get to your destination.

Advice from Alumni: Scholarship Hacks

If you're looking to fund your study abroad experience with scholarships, there are a ton to choose from! Our alumni share their personal experiences with scholarship hunting and essay writing to give you a competitive edge on your next scholarship application.


Simple Steps to Starting Your Adventure Abroad

There are so many resources on your campus to help you go from dreaming of studying abroad to actually doing it. Our team of experts answered questions that tackled taking the first step with your study abroad office, funding and financial aid support, finding courses to keep you on track to graduate, and so much more.

Advice from Alumni: Women Abroad

We invited some of our well-travelled alumnae to share their experiences abroad as women. From calming their parents' fears, adjusting to their host country, and packing tips, our alumnae share all.

Advice from Alumni: Black Students Abroad

Recent study abroad alumni share their personal experiences abroad as Black students during this panel discussion. They shared challenges they faced before and while abroad, how they navigated their identity abroad, resources that helped them along the way, and how their experience has impacted their educational and professional journeys.

Top 5 Reasons to Study Abroad in...

We paired one of our team members with a recent program participant to share their top five reasons why you should study abroad in their destination of choice during these quick-hit sessions!


Choose Your Own Adventure

English-speaking or language exchange? Busy or chill? English-speaking or not? We'll help you navigate these questions and more to find the *perfect* destination for your study abroad adventure and the next steps to get there!